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EUV (13.5nm) deep ultraviolet light source XUUS

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EUV (13.5nm) deep ultraviolet light source XUUS

Introduce EUV (13.5nm) light source for measurement
• Use 400nm wavelength pumping, which can generate
22eV photon energy.
• Use 1.3μm to pump, which can generate photon
energy above 200eV.


• XUUS is currently the most stable and powerful desktop HHG generator on the market. The EUV light source produced
can be used in research directions such as semiconductor materials, coherent diffraction imaging (CDI) and atomic and
molecular spectroscopy.
• This system can be used with femtosecond lasers from different companies and different wavelengths to produce a
wider spectral range and higher photon energy to suit your experiment and application goals.
• This system takes into account both 30nm and 13nm output. It can be pumped not only with traditional Ti:Sapphire
amplifiers, but also with other femtosecond lasers of different wavelengths.